Handgun design has always been a combination of the pragmatic and the aesthetic.  I think it says something about our fundamental nature that humans seek to add graceful, even beautiful, elements to what are essentially tools or weapons.  This section of the website explores that aspect of handguns, both real and imagined.  Here, they're just pure art, not in any way practical or dangerous.

The designs are all generated by me from images or from the guns themselves, and are accurate in terms of size and proportion.  I've had the good fortune to own or at least try almost all of the contemporary handguns in the "Present" category, as well as a fair number of the historical guns.  I understand how these guns work, and what details are important in their design, giving these renderings a verisimilitude other models or depictions often lack.

But since these are created using a Glowforge laser, the scale of the design can be adjusted as needed.  It can be shrunk to fit on a coaster, or blown up for a trophy.  It can be expanded or contracted to fit anyone's hands.

So whether you want an attactive acrylic display of a favorite gun, or to see what a legendary gun would feel like in your hand, you can do that.  For any 1/4" or 1/2" thick acrylic design, putting "trigger" in the 'Add other details' line in the order form will remove the material in front of the trigger, so you can see what that feels like in that model.  The "sandwich" option is particularly good for both, and will save you a little money, since it includes both the left and right sides of the design, plus an opaque center panel, at a discount.  In addition, you have a variety of display options available.  You can have coasters made.  You can have custom tiles made for a floor or wall display.  The options are extensive — check out the Ordering page for full details.

As a default, all firearms models will be created cut around the perimeter of the design.  If you wish otherwise, select "Circle/Oval" from the drop-down menu and we'll contact you to specify details.

To add personalization to any of the gun designs, click here to choose your options and add to cart.

You can personalize almost all "Art of the Gun" designs for a nominal additional charge.  Space limitations for text are determined by a given design.  Any text will be sized according to what looks good in a given amount of space, unless specific instructions are agreed upon beforehand.

For gun designs which are cut around the perimeter, any personalization will go on the slide/barrel unless otherwise noted.  For gun designs cut on a "circle/oval," personalization will be across the top unless otherwise noted.

Standard font options can be seen here.  For "Art of the Gun" designs, the phrase 'Molon labe' may be added for no additional charge.  Select from the options seen here.

And if you think I'm missing an important design?  Suggestions are always welcome.


A selection of representative and iconic handgun designs up until the modern era of smokeless gunpowder (roughly 1900).


A selection of iconic and innovative handgun designs of the modern era.  Most are popular and well known, but some are aspirational either in term of technology or collect-ability.

Possible Future

A selection of handgun designs from well-known fictional futures.  Based partly on science, partly on the needs of good story-telling.

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