Every new enterprise has a shakedown period.  When we go live, we get asked a lot of questions, some simple, some not so much.  Some are very helpful — for example, pointing out a dead link or asking us to clarify some of the text.  And some have standard answers, so we've collected those here.  Yeah, I'm a curmudgeon.

Do you do custom work?

Except for allowing personalization for some designs as noted, I am not interested in doing other custom work at this time.  Sorry.

But I just want to have my name/this phrase/this image inscribed on this dubis I have ...

Sorry, no.  There are others who offer such services; please find one of them.  No, I won't recommend anyone.

Will you put one of your designs on materials I provide?

Possibly.  Most organic and polymer materials can be cut/etched with my laser.  Stone and ceramic materials are sometimes possible.  No metals, or powdered materials.  And my laser has power and dimension limits:  nothing thicker than 2", nothing larger than 11" by 19".  If your materials fit within those parameters, send me an email and we can discuss it.

How about on food?


Did you know that you charge too much/charge too little/should do different stuff because it's more popular?

I don't care.  I'm happy with my prices, and the work I'm doing.  You can buy it or not, as you wish.

Have you considered doing _______ ?

Maybe.  If it interests me enough, I'll get around to it eventually.