The last century saw the development of thousands of handguns.  And variations on those designs are being introduced almost daily.  So this selection of contemporary designs is necessarily limited and somewhat arbitrary.

But I've tried to choose a good variety of modern guns which reflect changes in technology, aesthetics, and culture.  Some are commonly available from a variety of manufacturers, others are a bit obscure or perhaps even rare.  Some have become popular and recognizable through books and movies, even though they're actually fairly uncommon and expensive.  Some will work flawlessly no matter what you do to them, others are very temperamental or have quirks which make them problematic in actual use.

I have owned and/or shot almost everything on this list.  The designs are faithful to the actual guns, though not compulsively detailed — think of them as artistic interpretations for a limited medium.  And of course, they each only represent one version of that model or family of guns.

If you would like to know what it's like to hold a classic Colt Python or a full-sized Desert Eagle, but don't have thousands to spend to buy one, well, perhaps these are an attractive alternative.  If you think that a Walther PPK is the height of cool, then put one on display.  If you've wondered whether you should order a new Bond Arms Bullpup, but no one in your area has one to handle ... well, the acrylic version here can give you an idea whether it will fit your hand at minimal expense.

Please note:  if you order the "Sandwich" option, you will get both the left & right sides of a given design, plus an opaque center panel, at a slight discount over what the individual pieces would cost.

These are the contemporary designs currently available.  Click on each one for more information.

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