A gun is a gun is a gun.  Almost every major Science Fiction or Fantasy franchise has some kind of iconic hand weapon associated with it.  It might be a wand.  Or a knife.  Or a gun.  This section has some of the latter.

Only one of these (the COP 357) is a real gun, though several others were based on real guns but then heavily modified.  So, unlike the other two sections, I can't claim that I know and understand these guns.  Nor that the designs represent accurate interpretations of extant firearms.  But I've tried to come up with reasonable designs based on the images, models, and descriptions available ... with a modicum of artistic license thrown in where I think it makes sense to have a practical firearm.

So whether you're:  aimin' to misbehave, blastin' aliens, fighting for the Empire, or using minimal force in self defense, the tool of choice from your preferred reality is at hand.  Honor your House, keep the peace, help with retirement plans, shine a little light in dark places.  Or all of the above.  But be sure to put your Geek heritage on display.

Please note:  if you order the "Sandwich" option, you will get both the left & right sides of a given design, plus an opaque center panel, at a slight discount over what the individual pieces would cost.

These are the possible future designs currently available.  Click on each one for more information.

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