This is my 'play area,' where I have some fun with offbeat references to Geek culture, modern absurdities, and fun historical stuff.  Sometimes with reverence.  Sometimes with attitude.  Usually with amusement and maybe a little love.

You'll find everything from favorite TV/Movie quotes to wry observations based on my 60+ years.  Here, nothing is sacred, sometimes even beloved franchises are skewered, and juxtapositions abound.  But I don't intend meanness, so if something comes across that way, my apologies; it was probably just poor phrasing/execution on my part.  And if something really rubs you the wrong way, tell me — I'm not doing this to piss people off or yuck anyone's yum.

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And while I'd like to think that my whimsy & and wry observations are the height of brilliance, not everyone will agree.  So if you'd like to personalize any of these images with either additional or replacement text of your own, you can do so for a nominal charge (no charge if you just want to swap one of my existing phrases for another; just let me know).  For that matter, if you have an idea you want to share/see rendered, send it along.  If I like it, I'll be happy to credit you and send you a free finalized version of what I come up with.  And besides, the Geek world is grown so large that it's impossible for anyone to really have a handle on all of it, and I am more than willing to expand my event horizon.

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