There are many ways people seek enlightenment.  My explorations here approach this through three broad categories:


The aesthetics of the Celtic peoples have come down through the ages in the form of drawings, knotwork designs, and religious expression (among others).  I've been particularly interested in Celtic High Crosses of the ninth & tenth centuries, and you'll find a number of such pieces here.  In addition, there are other early Christian designs, as well as Celtic Revival works which I think have particularly well captured the spirit of that earlier era.  And I've included some other fun items as well.

Labyrinths & Spirals

Sacred geometries, ritual meditation aids, and thoughtful tracings of line and space.  People around the world have turned to such symbols and paths in their effort to transcend Earthly boundaries.  Here I am primarily exploring Classic and European expressions of these ideas, though ones which still resonate for many people today.

Lumina & Numina

The quest for enlightenment or worship sometimes uses ritual artifacts, depending on the faith tradition.  Though I am not a person of faith myself, I have long been fascinated by and respectful of these artifacts, and offer my artistic exploration of them with reverence.  This section will continue to grow.

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