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The aesthetics of the Celtic peoples have come down through the ages in the form of drawings, knotwork designs, and religious expression (among others).  I've been particularly interested in Celtic High Crosses of the ninth & tenth centuries, and you'll find a number of such pieces here.  In addition, there are other early Christian designs, as well as Celtic Revival works which I think have particularly well captured the spirit of that earlier era.  And I've included some other fun items as well.

Most individual elements/panels in these designs can be isolated and reproduced on any of the standard materials.  Email me if you have something like this you want done.

To add some personalization to a design, click here to choose your options and add to cart.

You can personalize almost all Celtica designs for a nominal additional charge.  Space limitations for text are determined by a given design.  Any text will be sized according to what looks good in a given amount of space, unless specific instructions are agreed upon beforehand.  Standard font options can be seen here.

For Celtica cross designs which are cut around the perimeter, any personalization needs to go either on a label (see example) or have the base of the design expanded.  For Celtica designs cut on a "circle/oval," personalization can be across either the top or the bottom.

These are the celtic designs currently available.  Click on each one for more information and examples.

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