Sacred geometries, ritual meditation aids, and thoughtful tracings of line and space.  People around the world have turned to such symbols and paths in their effort to transcend Earthly boundaries.  Here I am primarily exploring Classic and European expressions of these ideas, though ones which still resonate for many people today.

To add some personalization to a design, click here to choose your options and add to cart.

You can personalize almost all Labyrinth & Spiral designs for a nominal additional charge.  Space limitations for text are determined by a given design.  Any text will be sized according to what looks good in a given amount of space, unless specific instructions are agreed upon beforehand.  Standard font options can be seen here.

Labyrinth designs with a 'home' or center landing place can have a small amount of text added there.

For Labyrinth & Spiral designs cut on a "circle/oval," or which have an extra perimeter space around the design, personalization can be across either the top or the bottom, or have the base of the design expanded.  For pieces which already have text added, there is no additional charge to select that text, but you can choose among the font options.

These are the labyrinth & spiral designs currently available.  Click on each one for more information and examples.

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