The quest for enlightenment or worship sometimes uses ritual artifacts, depending on the faith tradition.  Though I am not a person of faith myself, I have long been fascinated by and respectful of these artifacts, and offer my artistic exploration of them with reverence.  This section will continue to grow.

To add some personalization to a design, click here, choose your options and add to cart.

You can personalize most Lumina & Numina designs for a nominal additional charge.  Space limitations for text are determined by a given design.  Any text will be sized according to what looks good in a given amount of space, unless specific instructions are agreed upon beforehand.  Standard font options can be seen here.

For Lumina & Numina designs which are cut around the perimeter, any personalization needs to have the base of the design expanded.  For Lumina & Numina designs cut on a "circle/oval," personalization can be across either the top or the bottom.

These are the lumina & numina designs currently available.  Click on each one for more information and examples.

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