This is my more purely artistic section of the site, and while the selection of works here is currently modest, I have a fairly substantial list of ideas I will be exploring in the coming months and years.

Each of the pieces here are an exploration of sculptural forms combined with the light-bending and transmission qualities of acrylic.  And while they are expressions of my artistic vision, they are all to some degree customizable:  you can choose which color (or color sequence) of light is generated using a small remote control; you can choose among base colors and materials; you can add appropriate inscriptions.  Just select which work you're interested in, and we can discuss all the details.

Unless otherwise noted, all works are limited to an edition of 23, plus one Artist's Proof.  Each piece will be marked as to what number it is in the edition, and signed.  You can choose which of the available numbers in the edition you get.  When half the edition is sold, the price will increase for the remaining pieces.

While elements of each work are made using a laser, there is substantial hand-finishing and construction done on each piece, and so there are going to be some minor variations reflecting that, and I reserve the right to make changes to the construction and design of each work, or to close an edition before all numbers of that edition have been sold.  I will not increase the number of the edition — once all the numbers are sold, that's all there will be.

Please enjoy my work.
James Downey

There are three sections to this part of the site:


These are more-or-less traditional sculptural works, representing real (though unusual) places and things.  I have a particular interest in neolithic sites and artifacts.


Not purely abstract; rather, abstracted works, usually referencing real (though unusual) places and things.  Here, for example, you might find a neolithic burial site recreated in clean, clear, hard-edged acrylic.


These are somewhat more abstract works, typically referencing some real thing or place, but combining it with an unreal or surreal element.  I find such juxtapositions intriguing, sometimes humorous.

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