Gateway Arch

The Gateway Arch is a monumental catenary arch located in St Louis, Missouri, and part of what was originally called the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial (recently renamed the Gateway Arch National Park).  More information can be found out about it on Wikipedia or at the Arch website.

This abstracted version of the Arch has a rectangular cross-section (the actual Arch has a triangular cross-section), but otherwise is the same shape and proportions as the original.  The light transmission effect of the acrylic transforms the stainless steel sculptural elements of the original into something more colorful and arresting.  Overall, the sculpture is approximately 8.25" wide, 3" deep, and the arch itself is 6.25" tall.

This sculptural work is limited to an edition of 23, plus one "artist's proof."  The client can choose the base colors/materials.  If you wish a simple inscription on the base, there will be no additional charge.

Currently all numbers except #18 in the edition are available.  Price is $200, all elements and shipping included.  Comes with power supply and remote control.

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