Celtic Calvary

Referencing the classic depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary, this work uses Celtic Crosses as an additional design element.  The central cross, traditionally the one on which Jesus was crucified, is on a raised dias.  The overall base is seven-sided, representing the Seven Last Words.  The sides of the acrylic crosses will be painted with a stone-like texture, which accentuates the design even when the sculpture is turned off.  Overall, the sculpture is approximately 9.5" wide, 6" deep, and the central cross element is 8" tall.

This sculptural work is limited to an edition of 23, plus one "artist's proof."  The client may to determine which of the available Celtic Cross designs are used (see Celtica for the current selection), or may opt to have a single Celtic Cross and two unadorned side crosses.  In addition, you can choose the base colors/materials.  If you wish a simple inscription, there will be no additional charge.

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Currently all numbers in the edition are available.  Price is $300, all elements and shipping included.  Comes with power supply and remote control.

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