Celtic Eyes

This fantasy sculpture is a vision of what might have happened had the ancient Celts had something like radio-telescope technology.  Referencing such scientific research facilities as the VLA, three radio-telescope style dishes bearing the traditional Triskele peer into the heavens.  Are they just listening, or are they somehow tapping into the hidden energies of the ancients?

The three acrylic elements can all be turned independently, yet share a common light source, allowing you to choose the color you prefer.  Overall, the sculpture is approximately 9" wide, 8" deep, and the acrylic elements are about 3" tall.

This sculptural work is limited to an edition of 23, plus one "artist's proof."  The client can choose the base colors/materials. If you wish a simple inscription on the base, there will be no additional charge.

Currently all numbers in the edition are available.  Price is $300, all elements and shipping included.  Comes with power supply and remote control.

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