Pentre Ifan — Modern

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Currently all numbers except #1 in the edition are available.  Price is $400, all elements and shipping included.  Comes with power supply and remote control.

Pentre Ifan is a neolithic dolmen and possible burial site in South Wales, near the source of the bluestones used for the inner ring of Stonehenge.nbsp; More information about it can be found on Wikipedia or at the The Megalithic Portal.

This abstracted version of the Pentre Ifan site includes the capstone, three supporting uprights, the "door" upright, and several additional prominent stones.  The basic stone shapes are used for each, but little additional hand-finishing has been done, and the acrylic has not been painted.  This transforms the neolithic site into a modern sculpture, using the light transmission effect of the acrylic to create an otherworldly piece.  Overall, the sculpture is approximately 13" wide, 9" deep, and the central dolmen element is 5" tall.

This sculptural work is limited to an edition of 23, plus one "artist's proof."  The client can choose to add a small design element onto the surface of any of the 'stones' (as shown, right), though it is recommended that this be kept to a minimum.  In addition, you can choose the base colors/materials.  If you wish a simple inscription on the base, there will be no additional charge.

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